We bought this property at the start of 2010, selling our house and moving everything (including us!) into the shed. Now when I say shed, it’s not some little tin shanty. It’s actually pretty big and insulated and it has windows and two wood heaters. So it’s pretty comfortable as far as sheds go,  but it has a whole houseful of stuff crammed into it and hey, it’s still a shed.

The Shed, our new home….

We moved in on 21st May 2010, and let me just say, I had NO idea what I was in for.                                            The phone didn’t get connected for another 3 1/2 weeks, my mobile had no coverage at all. For the first month we had no fridge and no lights, apart from a camping lantern running on an old car battery. It took us a couple of months to get organised and buy some batteries and a couple of solar panels and a caravan fridge.

The first morning, waking up in the shed.

Kane was really busy working during this time, so I was on my own all day, mostly freaking out that we’d made a huge mistake by moving out here to do this, especially since I’d just found out I was pregnant the week before we moved out here! To say I was stressed and a scared would be putting it lightly. I mean me, living in a shed, having a baby, really! It was a really difficult time but eventually we settled into a routine, running the generator every night to be able to watch tv, learning to live with a tiny caravan fridge and slowly I stopped stressing out quite so much.

Looking back now, I’m almost surprised that we survived that first year. I was pregnant, scared, emotional and a nightmare to live with. Kane was working his butt off all day, then coming home to keep working on getting the place set up and having to deal with my drama too. Plus we’d had some pretty huge family dramas going on too, so we felt pretty much on our own at the time. But we got through it and towards the end of the year things started to turn around.  We worked out most of the problems we’d been having, had a nice weekend away, we fired our draughtsman (who had wasted 10 months, charged us $1000 and not done a thing to our house plans except make mistakes!) and gave our sketches to Reg & Jules from Design Drawing Studio, who got plans and permit applications organised for us.

Finally things were starting to take shape – we had finished house plans, the house site all pegged out and ready to go, fences put up, we got three cheeky pet goats, they improved the mobile phone coverage in this area, so I had working phone and internet again and best of all…

We had our gorgeous baby girl.

Meet our little Snugglebug

Finally, things were going right for us, for a change!

Till next time

Beck xxx

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