How the hell did we get to April already? Where has this year disappeared to? Feels like just yesterday it was New Years Eve and I was waiting (very impatiently) for little Squishy to make his arrival. (Which he finally did, a week late.) Now, all of a sudden, it’s April and my little Squish is three months old, eek!

Snugglebug & Squishy

Snugglebug & Squishy

So, what have we been up to, you ask?

Work is still progressing, ever so slowly, on the house. The roofs looking good and the last of our windows should be arriving any day now. Hopefully we should be able to start putting them in soon, so the place will be essentially weatherproof before winter, then we can concentrate more on doing the inside.

I’ve completely given up on trying to set goals of when things are going to get done. I’m not at all happy about spending another winter in the shed. What was sold to me as one year, soon turned into two, and now three years. Hopefully it won’t turn into four. I keep thinking I can’t take much more of this, but somehow I’ve managed to make it this far without going completely bonkers, so we’ll see how we go…

Little Miss Snugglebug turned two in January and we’ve decided it’s time for her to move out of the cot into a proper bed. (Especially cos her little brother’s getting too big for the bassinette so he’s going to need the cot soon.) There’s some good sales on at the moment so we went shopping to find her a bed. I checked out all the catalogues online and had found the one we wanted. (Actually there was another one I liked more but it was more than triple the price of the first one.) Went there, looked at it, liked it, then spotted another two beds that were really nice too. Decided one of them was gorgeous but just too expensive for a little girls bed. So then we were down two choices, but one of them doesn’t come in the colour we’re looking for, so we’d have to paint it, and it was still double the price of the first one. So, in the end, we decided to go with the first one we liked. Then the sales lady says that it’s out of stock and won’t be back in till the end of June. So we thought “ok, we’ll go with the second, more expensive option” Nope, that one’s out of stock till the end of May. Seriously, is there anything in the shop that I can buy and take home, right now? How can they have stuff on sale if it’s not there to sell? Really disappointed, because we’d told Snuggle she was getting a big bed and now it’s going to be months before she does and I was really looking forward to taking her shopping to choose pretty bed linen and cushions and stuff.
Oh well, looks like it’ll be a couple more months of her wanting to go to sleep in my bed instead of the cot.

A couple of weeks ago Kane and I actually managed to have a ‘grown-up’ night out with no kids, to go to a concert. It was the first time I’ve left Snugglebug since the wedding last year, and the first time I’ve left Squishy, ever! It was lovely to have a few hours on our own to go to a gig, even though I was checking my phone every 15 minutes, just in case. We’ve got another kid free night coming up later in April too, for another gig, I think it might be nice to book a room somewhere and have a whole night to ourselves. (Even though I’ll probably still be checking my phone every 15 minutes, just in case!)

Apart from that, we’re just muddling through the days, trying to juggle the kids and get some work done on the rare occasions that either one of them has a nap that lasts longer than 5 minutes!

Hope everyone had a great easter long weekend,
Till next time
Beck xoxo

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