We’re building out of this stuff called “Insulbrick” which is kind of like hollow polystyrene lego that all clicks together to make your walls and you fill it up with concrete and steel. We chose this stuff because it has great insulating and soundproofing properties, it’s got a really good fire rating, which makes it perfect to use in “bushfire-prone” areas, it’s easy to use to build yourself and it’s cost effective.

Woo hoo!!!!  The start of the walls

Usually when building with this stuff, you’d build all your walls, then get a concrete truck and pump to come and fill it all up for you. Because we’re working to the tiniest of budgets we’re doing it all ourselves. We bought an ancient looking cement mixer on eBay, stuck a new motor on it and mixed our concrete and filled our walls all by hand using buckets and wheelbarrows. (It might be slow going, but it’s a really great full-body workout!) As the walls got higher, we started using the bobcat to lift the wheelbarrow full of concrete up the the required height. (Really funny to watch, but hey, whatever works!)

Using the bobcat to lift concrete

After a couple of weeks of concreting we were almost finished the ground floor walls and our wedding date was upon us. So we scrubbed off all the concrete dust, got ourselves prettied up and got married. It rained all day and a few things didn’t go exactly to plan, but I think it was perfect.

Our Wedding

After the wedding, we left Snugglebug with my parents and headed up to Bright for a few days of well-earned relaxation before heading home to keep building…

Till next time,

Beck xxx



(for more info on Insulbrick, check out www.danishconstructions.com.au/insulbrick/ )

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