April – May 2012

Still building the walls, started planning the gardens. Feels like we’re making some really good progress here, everything’s going pretty well. Had a pretty low-key 30th birthday.

Hang on, what’s this nauseous, squirmy feeling in my stomach…….. why am I so tired lately………

I remember this feeling…

Yep, I’m pregnant.

Hi there lil’ Peanut

Not unplanned, but a whole lot sooner than expected. We’d only just started talking about trying for another baby later this year. Oops.

So that means no more pouring concrete or climbing up and down  ladders and scaffolds all day for me. (Not that I could even if I really wanted to, I’ve had way worse morning sickness than last time.)

July – August 2012

The build is progressing, slowly, but still going. It doesn’t help that we’re having one of the coldest, wettest winters ever this year. Poor Kane is still out there every day, slogging away at it. Rain, hail, wind, snow whatever, he never stops. The poor things been so stressed because everyone keeps telling him he’d better hurry up and get the house finished before this baby comes! I really wish we could, but unless we magically come into a large chunk of money very soon, it’s just not going to happen. It’ll get finished when it gets finished.  I can’t say I really love the idea of having another baby living in the shed, but I did it with Snugglebug, I can do it with this one too.

September – October 2012

The walls are all finished! Yay! No more concreting. Now onto beams, rafters and internal walls.

Still sick, this morning / all day sickness is never ending! I do feel bad that I’m not out there helping on the build anymore, but between puking most of the day, crap weather and a very active toddler to keep up with, I just generally am not up to it. Luckily Kane’s dad has been coming up to help out a lot, which has been really nice of him, especially staying in a caravan in such miserable weather to help us build this house.

Till next time

Beck xxx

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