What I miss most about living in a real house – or things you don’t appreciate till you don’t have them.

1. Doors. All kinds of doors. I miss having a proper front door. I miss having doors to rooms. I would especially love a bedroom door, with all four of us sharing a room, privacy is something I can’t even remember anymore.

2. Storage. Cupboards. Places to put things away. I miss having proper kitchen cabinets and pantry. Storage in the bathroom and laundry. Being able to put things away and not have everything out where you can see it. Wardrobes. Being able to actually find the clothes I’m looking for without having to pull everything out.

3. Appliances. I miss my oven, and microwave, and washing machine, and hair dryer, and ( I never thought I’d say this) vacuum cleaner. I can still use these (except the microwave) when the generator’s running, but it’s a serious pain in the a** to not just be able to do a load of washing whenever you think of it, I have to wait till Kane’s got time to get the generator going then I run around like mad trying to do everything at once. Hopefully I’ll have a microwave again when we get a bigger inverter, because it’s really frustrating to not be able to quickly heat up leftovers or sterilize baby bottles or even just to zap the cup of coffee I made an hour ago and haven’t had time to drink yet. It takes so much longer doing everything on the stove and makes more dishes too, and really, who needs MORE dishes to do?

4. A clean floor. Living in the shed with the four of us and the dog, it is impossible to keep things as clean as I’d like. Everything gets so dirty and dusty. I’m constantly telling Kane and Snugglebug to leave their dirty shoes outside, and don’t even get me started on the dog coming in and out a hundred times a day with dirty paws! Drives me crazy. I get tempted to lock them all out after I’ve mopped just so the floor stays clean for longer than 30 seconds!

I know, I’ll get to have all these things again soon (please??) and I’ll appreciate them so much more because of this. In the meantime I’ll just fantasize about having a lovely clean house (what is wrong with me? I think it’s because I hate cleaning so much that I can’t wait till I can do less of it!) So the next time you switch on an appliance or complain about having to put things away, just think of me over here, going a little bit crazy over not being able to.

The kitchen in our old house. I miss it so much!

Ok, enough complaining, got to tough it out for a little bit longer. Big thanks to everyone who helped cheer me up after my whinge the other day too. I promise the next post will be a happier one :)

Till next time.
Beck xoxo

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