Well, here we are.
Home again.
Back to the shed.

It was my birthday on Thursday, so after a stressful ┬ámorning trying to get organised, we headed off to my Grandparent’s place for a yummy birthday lunch. I’m a very lucky girl, I got some gorgeous prezzies, including a pair of caramel coloured, butter soft leather boots that I’m so in love with I may never take them off!

We stayed the night there, then the next day took the kiddies over to their Dida & Vovo’s house (grandma & grandpa) where they spent the night so Kane and I could go out. ( It’s the first time I’ve left the little Squishy one overnight, and I was a little bit worried, especially as he was screaming his head off as we left. Talk about making me feel so guilty for leaving him, but two minutes later he was fine and was pretty good the whole time.)

A happy little Squishy

A happy little Squishy

Hubby & I decided to book a night in the city since we already had tickets to see our favorite band play at the Forum Theater. We got a room at the Adina hotel on Flinders st, nice and close to everything and lovely room and view.

The view from our room

The view from our room

We got there in the afternoon, checked in and went for a wander around the city and stopped in Chinatown for some yummy dumplings for lunch. Did a little spot of shopping too, ended up buying a new dress to wear. Went back to the room to have a drink and get ready for the gig.

All dolled up with my new dress & rocking my new fringe.

All dolled up with my new dress & rocking my new fringe.

For dinner we went to a Ghurkas Nepalese restaurant, had a great chicken curry, a spiced pumpkin dish, some rice and roti and, of course, a glass of bubbly, then off to the show.
The Drones were awesome, love them to bits, this is the fourth time I’ve seen them play (sixth if you count the two times I’ve seen the lead singer play solo gigs) They always play with such intensity, whether it’s a small show for a couple of hundred people or a huge one in front of thousands. The support act was King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards (yeah, try saying that three times quickly!) They weren’t exactly my cup of tea but they were still pretty cool. I’ve never been to the Forum Theater before, but it’s a really cool looking venue and great sound.

After the gig we went back to the room and chilled out, enjoying a bottle of bubbly and watching the city go by You get used to the pace and quiet in the bush, but sometimes I really miss the sound of cars in the night and seeing the city lights twinkle. It’s funny the things you miss.

The next morning we decided to go for a stroll around and find somewhere to have breakfast. When I walked past a cute little donut bar, I couldn’t resist! So we got a half dozen donuts and a coffee for me and a thickshake for Kane and went and had a picnic breakfast in the sun at Federation Square.



After that we still had a couple of hours spare so we went for a bit of walk around and found the cutest vintage clothing store, Out of the Closet, where I ended up buying a really cute dress that looks like it’s from the early 70’s and Kane bought a cool vintage corduroy jacket.

Then we went to pick up the kiddies, who had a great time while we were away and were pretty good too. In fact, Snugglebug is usually better behaved over there than she is at home. We went back to my Grandparent’s again and had dinner and stayed the night there before heading home Sunday morning.

All in all, a great weekend.

Now, back to reality…

Till next time,

Beck xoxo



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