Yesterday, we went on a family outing to the Melbourne Zoo.

It was the most perfect sunny day here in Melbourne, we couldn’t have planned it better if we tried.

I haven’t been there since I was a kid and was pretty excited to take the littlies to see the animals.

Miss Snugglebug was pretty excited too.

Getting ready for bed the night before, we were talking about what animals we might get to see and she told me “Mummy, I wanna see the a lion, a fluff-fly and a ‘raffe.” and then, “no, no lion Mummy, too scared.” I told her that the lion’s really just a big kitty-cat and she decided she wasn’t too scared to see it.

The new baby elephant

The new baby elephant

Butterfly House

Butterfly House

Meerkat Manor

Meerkat Manor

We saw the adorable new baby elephant, (I can’t remember it’s name but it was so cute!)

The butterflies and the reptile house were always my favourites when I was little and I’m happy to say that Snuggle enjoyed them as much as I used too. (especially the turtles and the “snap-snap”)

She went a little bit nuts over the Meerkats, running up and down trying to catch them through the glass saying “I want one, I want one!” (Well, they are super cute!)

We saw:

The 'raffe

The ‘raffe

The Big Kitty

The Big Kitty

Geting up close and personal in the reptile house

Got up close and personal in the reptile house.

Creepy & Cute, the rattlesnake

Creepy & Cute, the rattlesnake

Little Squishy slept for most of the day, happy to be pushed around in the pram in the sunshine.

After lunch we even had a celebrity sighting, when I went to the parent’s room to change Squishy’s nappy, where we saw Dave Hughes (comedian & panelist on ‘The Project’)

(I thought it was nice to see Dad go change the nappy while Mum was outside with the other kiddies.)

How Mr Squishy spent most of the day

How Mr Squishy spent most of the day

The kiddies had a wonderful time, and so did us grown-ups too.

Can’t wait to go back when Squishy’s big enough to run around and see all the animals too.

A big thank-you to Uncle Steve, and Vovo and Dida for wrangling the kiddies and spoiling them too :)


Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s day, whatever you get up to this weekend.

Ours is going to be a nice quiet one, I have requested a sleep in and an afternoon of dvd-watching on the couch and not having to cook anything all day! Can’t wait :)

Till next time,

Beck xoxo

All tired out....

All tired out….


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