Exactly one year ago today, I married my soulmate.
Did my dream wedding go exactly as planned? Nope.
Did we let the pouring rain dampen our spirits? Nope.
Was there a single thing that went wrong that actually matters now, one year on? Nope.

We might not have done things “traditionally” but I’m glad we did it our way.
I love that our (one year old, at the time) daughter got to be a part of our wedding. As our gorgeous celebrant said “She has no idea what’s going on right now but one day soon she will, and she’ll be happy that her parents decided to get married today and that she was part of it.”
Our celebrant was the fantastic 3TripleR radio personality Jon Von Goes. Kane said if he was ever to get married JVG had to be the one to do it. He was worth every penny, he made everyone laugh and made us forget how nervous we were!
I’m also glad we kept the guest list pretty small. There’s a few friends I felt really bad about not inviting but we wanted to keep it small and intimate and it was just that.

Mostly though, I’m just glad we did it.
We’re two people who, earlier in life, said we’d never get married. But then we met each other.
Even then, we said, “it’s only a piece of paper, it doesn’t change anything.”
We already had a beautiful daughter and had bought a property together, what difference could a wedding possibly make?
But we decided to do it anyway.
We were both surprised to find that, somehow, it did feel different.
Somehow, it strengthened what we already felt and made it feel more… I don’t know, more real.

Our Wedding.

Our Wedding.

The one year anniversary traditionally means a “paper” gift, so the paper I got for Kane is two tickets to the Neil Young (his favourite artist) gig in a couple of weeks.
We’re not really doing anything special today for our anniversary, which I’ve been a bit sulky about today, but writing this has reminded me that getting married isn’t just about the “big day,” it’s about what you do every day after that.
Just like an anniversary really is just another day, it marks a year of days spent together and memories being made. This year, there’s been plenty of those!
It’s not about fancy restaurants, presents or holidays.(although I wouldn’t say no to any of those….)

So right now, I’m going to go do some more painting on the house, then I’m going to go put a bottle of bubbly in the fridge and go pick up some take away and celebrate making it through another year together.

Happy Anniversary Honey.

Happily Ever After....

Happily Ever After….

Till next time,
Beck xoxo

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