I’m Beck, this is my blog.

All opinions expressed are strictly my own unless otherwise stated.

Sharing of content is always welcomed, but please get in touch with me first and remember to credit me as the owner of the work.

All images used are my own and subject to copyright unless otherwise stated.

Pictures of my children are not to be used without my express permission.

I may occasionally review products or events. If my review is sponsored, paid or I receive anything in return for a review  on my blog, I will always disclose this to my readers.

I will only ever review or advertise on my site products that I personally endorse, would purchase myself, or believe to be of interest to my readers. I will always share my honest opinions with my readers.

If you ever believe a product, review or advertising on my site that you think is inappropriate please get in touch with me.

When using images from external sources, I will always endeavour to credit the proper owner of the work whenever possible. (If you believe I have used something that is your intellectual property without proper credit, please contact me and I will do my best to remedy the situation.)

Thanks, Beck :)

(updated and correct as of 28 October 2014)



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